Malaysia online betting site for players with the best

    If you like betting on domestic races there is no doubt that the best online betting site is They offer Premier League and Malaysian Cup football, as well as betting on the AFC Champions League, AFC Cup and other Asian football matches.

Of course, this is not all Bet365 offer; they are the UK’s top gaming companies, the same betting in the Premier League around the world, the Spanish league and football. Their website runs well on mobile phones, and they offer on-site gambling (live betting) in more games than most online books. Considering that they are the same family that owns the English Premier League team Stoke FC, and since 1974 has been authorized, it is a gambling site that you can trust.

Another powerful option is They have a decent coverage of the Malaysian movement, and like Bet365 is one of the top gaming companies in the UK offering betting football matches around the world. Both sites also offer bets on Malaysian Ringgit (MYR). For the Premier League, though, there is no other Malaysian football match, is the best odds for betting sites. Just know Betdaq is a betting exchange, not a bookie, and they do not accept Malaysian currency, so you need to bet with them on the euro.

Finally, if you only play foreign games, both sites are definitely worth considering Pinnacle Sports (the best odds – and MYR currency) and Ladbrokes (no MYR currency, but very friendly to Malaysian customers). Using all of the five mentioned online booking and shopping odds is a great way to improve your chances of doing a profit betting campaign.

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Betting in Malaysia

In Malaysia, most forms of gambling are legal, but local Muslims do not allow gambling for religious reasons. Online betting Malaysia offers casino, slot machines, lotteries and horse racing – all other forms of sports betting are prohibited. In 2010 there was a simple attempt to restore legal sports betting, but the only license was soon revoked.

Malaysia has only one physical casino (Genting), although the scale is very large, very complete, but the Malaysian only legally in this country to play desktop games and card games. This has led to problems with underground casinos and sports betting shops, and the Malaysian government is continuing to crack down.

Apart from the casinos in Malaysia, which used to be gambling malls with machine games such as electronic horse racing, these small casinos were banned in 2000 because the government thought they were bad for the country’s youth.

Online betting in Malaysia

Online gambling is forbidden in Malaysia. The government does not provide permission to open Internet gambling sites in the country, and has taken some measures to ensure that Malaysian players do not use foreign online gambling sites. Internet cafe owners can be sued if they allow customers to access online gambling sites.

When using the offshore online betting site, Malaysian players prefer makers with no physical presence in Asia, thereby reducing their exposure to the authorities in any legal action against these companies. In general, the most common course is to avoid Internet cafes and the Asian Games.

In addition, the Bank of Malaysia should not authorize the transfer to or from an online gambling website. However, this rule is very relaxed to follow, however, there are still some banking methods open to Malaysian gamers, want to online gambling. In fact, some of the larger online gambling sites hosted in other countries even offer their services in Malay, allowing gamers to take full advantage of their internet gambling experience.

Understand fractional odds

The only drawback to using the European bookmarks from Malaysia is that the format of the odds is different. What is used in the Malaysian book called Malay odds. In European betting sites, odds are called European odds, also known as fractional odds.

Fractional odds indicate how much a winning bet will return. For example, if the odds are 1.80 and you bet RM100, you will get RM100 * 1.8 = RM180, where RM100 is your profit and RM80 is your profit. Remember, unlike Malay odds, there are no positive or negative numbers. The odds of betting a heavy underdog may be 2.50. Again, if you bet RM100, the payment is RM100 * 2.5 = RM250, where RM100 is your profit and RM150 your profit. If we use Malay odds instead, the 2.50 decimal odds are the same odds as -0.67 Malay.